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At What Age Do Babies Start Using Potty

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At What Age Do Babies Start Using Potty

             At What Age Do Babies Start Using Potty?        


   What is the typical age for babies to start using the potty?

    In the process of a baby's development,learning to use the potty is a significant mileston.Parents often wonder at what age babies start using the potty.This article will explore this question and offer some advice.

    How to know if your baby is ready?


    To determine if a baby is ready to use the potty, parents can observe some key signs. These signs include the baby being able to control their urine and bowel movements, showing interest in adult toilets, understanding the function of the potty, and being able to express their needs. Additionally, if the baby can stay dry for short periods, it indicates they might be ready. Once these signs are observed, parents can start guiding their baby to use the potty.


    Tips for potty training:


    1.Potty training may take some time and patience, but the following tips can help parents train their babies successfully:


    2.Create a positive environment where the baby feels safe and comfortable.


    3.Use rewards and praise to encourage the baby's efforts and progress.


    4.Be patient and avoid pressure or punishment, as it may cause anxiety and resistance in the baby.


    5.Use potties and training seats suitable for the baby's age to make them feel comfortable and confident.


    6.Establish a consistent schedule and remind the baby to use the potty at appropriate times.




    While the potty training time may vary for each baby, observing the signs and providing support and guidance are key to successful training.

Parents should patiently wait for the baby's readiness and guide them with a positive attitude towards this important milestone.



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