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Bunny Deisgn Baby Potty Seat And Step Stool

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Bunny Deisgn Baby Potty Seat And Step Stool

    As an export company of baby products, we have launched a bunny-designed toilet seat and footstool for baby toileting. We also launched a bunny toilet seat. We also have many designed products, but we will not explain them in this article. If you are interested, you can visit our official website to learn more.

  (一)Baby toilet seat

    1. Definition and use:

   The baby toilet seat is a small toilet seat installed on an adult toilet, designed for babies. Its main function is to help babies adapt to adult toilets and provide a safe and comfortable toileting environment.

    2. Advantages: 

     Help transition: The baby toilet seat provides babies with a familiar toilet seat to help them transition from the baby potty to the adult toilet. In this process, babies will not be afraid of going to the toilet and will also trust the toilet.

Safe and comfortable: The non-slip base and ergonomic design of our bunny toilet seat ensure the safety and comfort of babies when going to the toilet.

Promote independence: Using a baby toilet seat can make babies feel like "adults" and love going to the toilet

    3. Selection Guide:

     Material: non-toxic material, PP+TPR

     Design: ergonomic design, with non-slip base and comfortable cushion.

     Portability: Lightweight, easy to carry and store, can be hung on the wall of the toilet after use for easy use next time

     Ease of cleaning: easy to disassemble and clean design

  (二)Baby step stool

    1. Definition and use:

     The baby step stool is a small pedal that helps the baby reach adult height, such as a toilet or a washbasin. Its main function is to provide stable height support, allowing the baby to complete activities such as toileting or washing hands independently.

    2. Advantages:

     Autonomy: Help babies go to the toilet or wash hands by themselves, enhancing their independence.

    Self-confidence: Let your baby feel that he can do "adult" things and improve his self-confidence.

    Multi-function: Not only suitable for the bathroom, but also can be used in places such as the kitchen to help your baby participate in family activities.

    3. Selection Guide:

     Size: 32.5*37.5*25.5cm, detachable double-layer stepping stool, suitable for the height of the baby

     Stability: anti-slip design and solid material to ensure safety.

     Material: safe and durable, PP+TPE.

     Weight: easy to move but stable enough.   

   (三) Usage Tips:

     Correct placement: Make sure the stepping stool is placed on a stable ground to prevent sliding.

     Safety Education: Teach your baby how to use the stepping stool safely to avoid accidental falls.

     Regular inspection: Check the stability and cleanliness of the stepping stool to ensure its long-term safety.

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