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Printed Lunch Box

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Lunch Box

    The book design lunch box is an innovative and practical bento box design that resembles a book and contains 3 compartments for storing various foods. It is not only a container for carrying lunch but also a stylish and eco-friendly choice that is becoming increasingly popular.

    The book lunch box has numerous advantages. Firstly, its stylish and unique appearance makes it suitable for students and office workers, fitting easily into a backpack or on a desk without taking up much space. Secondly, its multi-compartment design promotes a balanced diet, allowing users to conveniently pack a variety of foods to meet daily nutritional needs. Additionally, book lunch boxes are often made from eco-friendly materials, reducing the use of disposable utensils and contributing to environmental protection.

    Recently, we have re-launched a new printed lunch box. This product is based on our original book lunch box with printed content. Customers can customize the style or color of the lunch box according to their own preferences. For more details, please contact our salesperson directly.

书包午餐盒配色 独角兽-1书包午餐盒配色 独角兽书包午餐盒配色 独角兽-3书包午餐盒配色 恐龙绿底书包午餐盒配色 恐龙书包午餐盒配色 恐龙拼贴

    We also launched a sticker lunch box earlier and it was very popular.The following is part of the presentation:

动物花色 (4)动物花色 (2)书本午餐盒新配色-13书本午餐盒新配色-17书本午餐盒新配色-24书本午餐盒新配色-25书本午餐盒新配色-21

    The design inspiration for the book lunch box comes from the shape and function of a book. The outer shell of the box is usually made of plastic, giving it the appearance and texture of a real book. A sticker lunch box is a beautifully designed bento box typically used for creating and displaying sticker bentos. This lunch box focuses not only on functionality but also on aesthetics and fun. Sticker lunch boxes are usually made from durable, easy-to-clean materials such as plastic and feature multiple compartments or small sections to keep different foods separate, preserving their original taste and shape. The lid often has cute designs or cartoon characters,  our lunch box come with utensils like small forks, spoons for added convenience. Sticker lunch boxes are perfect for children to take to school, and they are also great for adults to bring to the office or for outdoor picnics, making them a practical and visually enjoyable choice for meals.Opening the lunch box is like opening a book, revealing multiple divided sections inside for storing main dishes, vegetables, fruits, and snacks separately. This design not only makes it easy to carry and access food but also helps keep the food fresh and flavorful.

    For children, they will love our cute print lunch box, will also make them love eating, children will be more willing to use our lunch box to take to school as a bento box, parents can also take lunch to the office

    In summary, the book lunch box is not just a practical bento box but also a reflection of a fashionable and eco-conscious lifestyle. It allows us to enjoy healthy, delicious, and convenient lunches in our busy daily lives while also contributing to environmental preservation.

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